Macedonia Above & Beyond

Promotional video about Macedonia’s travel opportunities with amazing aerial shots from historical monuments, beautiful landscapes, and religious tempels and monasteries that hold great cultural value.

♬ Music by:
Audiomachine – “Above and Beyond”

External videos used in this clip:

frame: 00:12
© LordAlexMorgan
Above / Скопје од 3000 метри надморска височина –;

frame: 00:49
© New Moment & Dusan Drakalski
Ohrid City of Light / Охрид Град на Светлината –;

frame: 00:52
© Nich Phillips
Aerial Macedonia / Македонија погледната одгоре –;

frame: 01:43
© EXIT 8 Production
Spomenikot na Aleksandar vo Skopje / Alexander the Great monument –;

Македонија, озгора и отаде –
Macedonia Above & Beyond – FB PAGE МАКЕДОНЦИ;
Промотивно Видео / Macedonia Above & Beyond –;

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