Our Name is Macedonia

A while ago on my Facebook Page МАКЕДОНЦИ i started some kind of a campaign against the racial dicrimination enforced and imposed by the Greek denial and refusal to recognise that Macedonian identity exists.

For those who dont have any idea what i’m talking about, the Greek state doesnt let Macedonia join NATO and the European Union because of the name of the country, its language, and its people. So despite that we fulfill all normal requirements for joining this organisations, we are denied to do that because of who we are, so now we need to negotiate in the UN until some kind of an agreement is reached. Crazy doesn’t it!

Many people responded on my call and started sending me their personal pictures to revolt and protest against this kind of discrimination.

The entire album of this campaign can be found here:
Против Промена на Името Македонија – FB Page МАКЕДОНЦИ;

This is the video that i created to express my gratitude to them.

♬ Music by:
Labi Siffre “Something inside so strong”

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